Second Test Run
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In today's post I'd like to talk about the second test run for the Art Journal Workshop for beginners. Cathy and Loes were so kind to be "guinea pigs" for two Saturday afternoons.
The first afternoon I talked about what an art journal is and the possibilities in journals. Then I explained the shaving foam technique, which they practiced afterwards. Photos below show some of their prints.

Main goal of the workshop is to make backgrounds. A lot of people are afraid of totally white pages so this provides them with a starting point. Backgrounds often are a bit abstract so I also made a few stencils of "real" things. These prints can be used as collage material or also as a starting point for an art journal page.
Below are the teapot prints they made:

I really liked giving the Art Journal Workshop. During the summer I will finish preparations and if everything goes well I will start in the autumn. The plan is to do it together with my sister. She will be my lovely assistant!
Last picture I want to show you is of my studio, which is rather small for workshops, but on the other hand two people will have large workstations!

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