Gelli transfer in picture frame
I looked at a beautiful structure on my Gelli Plate, but the paint was too dry to pull a print. Making a transfer often solves this problem. In this case, not totally. The sticky side of the print looked best. I decided to frame it, rather then glueing it in my Art Journal.
In front of a window it looks a bit like stained glass (see picture below). I think it would be fabulous as fabric for a lampshade. But that's another story!

Inspiration came from YouTube. Films showing you how to make stamps with hot glue. In my case "cold" glue! I used Velpon (=Dutch) and dried it with my heatgun. The glue started bubbling, but in the end that gave a cool texture. I used the cobweb stamp on several prints. I will share them later.

I also made a rubber spider stamp. Stamped it on white card stock and glued it on the print.
Finally one last picture of the frame on my cabinet.

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    Carolyn Dube

    On:October 23, 2013

    This is definitely worthy of a frame- wow!! Thanks for sharing with the party!

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