Fall is around the corner

The colours of the leaves are turning into the most beautiful shades of yellow, brown, orange and red. So fall is really here.
What I like most about this season are the gifts of nature. I love picking chestnuts from the ground. I like their colour, their smoothness and their shine. (See picture below). Oh, I like the pumpkin too!
Art Journal chestnuts
We also have a walnut tree near the house. It is not very big (yet) and I only found a couple of walnuts, but I think they are amazing too, and edible!
For this double Art Journal page I made three eraser stamps (see foto)
eraser autumn stamps
It was really fun to cut the pumpkin and the two different kinds of leaves out of white erasers. The other leaves you see are made of felt. They were part of an autumn promotion and given to me. Thanks!
Finally my advice is to go outside and enjoy autumn while you can!

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