Doodled Hands
A quick post today, because we are in the middle of a large garden overhaul. We are removing old fences, which involves a lot of digging..... We also have to move some plants. So hard work!
I already told you a bit about my birthday workshop. That I am in the middle of try-outs. The purpose of the workshop is making collage material. Afterwards I will make a large collage, using parts of the paintings/drawings made by family and friends. See below one of the try-outs.

This is just an impression of how a collage could look like. In fact it will look completely different because I won't be making any material. The only thing I'll do is putting everything together.  I really look forward to what family and friends will draw and paint!
Thanks for stopping by!
PS: doodling your own hand (plus initials) is going to be one of the assignments! Featured picture is my try-out.

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