Design for Collage Painting
I would like to show you my project from the last couple of weeks. The painting workshop for my birthday was great fun and resulted in multiple sheets of very colourful paper. My family and friends painted flowers, a sun, a butterfly, a pumpkin, an owl, even abstract people... How on earth could I make a collage painting out of all those elements?
Here are a few pictures from the workshop. Talking about colour!

I decided to make a framework, so I could see what colours would work.

The portrait is similar to my sketch above. I was not sure about the hair, so I made another sketch in my little art journal to see if the flow of the hair would work.

After making the frame I had to cut all the pieces to size. Without the frame the collage painting looks like this.

Then I put the frame on top, which gives it a bit of a stained-glass effect. At this stage I have not glued any paper down. Now I have to decide on the background. So to be continued!

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    Nancy B

    On:February 28, 2014

    I love your beautiful and colorful stained glass lady!

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