Chicken Lino Plates
Due to computer problems posting any picture has not been possible. But I am BACK! Luckily you do NOT need a computer to make art....
At the beginning of June I made three lino plates. Not the ordinary linoleum but a light coloured artificial type. A while ago I ordered Julie Fei-Fan's book "Carve, Stamp, Play" and I was inspired to try making multi coloured prints. It is not easy, I can tell you. Making stamps requires a lot of concentration and I was lacking it. Only the first plate went OK. (See picture below)

I was well underway carving the second plate, when I found out I was carving the wrong side... The third plate went wrong because I was focusing on carving on the RIGHT side, but forgot to reverse the image.... (See left print below) Consequently I had to carve the third plate on the wrong side too, because I didn't have a spare plate. Right photo below shows the three plates.

I'd like to show you a few final prints. For the left one I used Distress Inks. The right one is printed on a piece of paper tablecloth, using blockprinting paint.

I did not make a separate stamp for the red comb, but used acrylic paint markers instead. They are great for little details. I only found out recently that a local store sells them. The brand is Amsterdam and they even have metallic ones. The last picture shows a few of these markers.

Thanks for stopping by!


    Erika N

    On:June 27, 2014

    Love your lino design. You can do a lot with that print image.

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