Art Journal White Angel
This post took a bit longer because I've had surgery. Last week my uterus has been removed so I have to take it slow. I already prepared this post. Here it goes.
This Art Journal page shows the final design for my Christmas painting. I love the colour red in Christmas decorations, so the dress had to be red.
I want to use golden metal foil in my painting. I made little stars (see picture below) to see if they would work. I like the effect.

The background paper was a different story! I wanted to use CitraSolv papers. This means you use CitraSolv to alter magazine papers. I'd seen the most wonderful examples on the internet ( has a special Citra Solv's Artist Site), but it turned out that CitraSolv does not react the same way on Dutch National Geographic magazines. In fact hardly any reaction! So I had to find an alternative.
I still used magazine papers, but now treated them with Brasso copper polish. The violets and ivy disappeared completely. Crumbling up the paper gave beautiful cracks. I like the result.

I am satisfied with the design. Now I have to transfer it to two large sheets of acrylic paper (2 sheets 50x70 cm). This means I have some calculating to do, which is not my strongest point....
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    Erika N

    On:September 28, 2014

    Great page. I lvoe the stain glass effect.

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