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Sometimes life takes over! Ok, we've had our holiday too. So before you know it a few months have gone by.
I may have stopped blogging, but I didn't stop making art. I have made several Art Journal pages in my daily journal. I also made a couple of rubber stamps and a portrait made of birch- and pinewood pieces.
In this blogpost I want to show you some of my journal pages. Picture of the journal spread above (click on picture to enlarge) is about going out to diner in IJmuiden and afterwards going to the theater. Here are some other photos:

I used different stencils, stamps and the label of the nice bottle of white wine we had. You can also see the restaurant's business card on the left page. The right page is dominated by my hand. I have arthrosis issues, which cause a lot of pain. The rheumatologist sent me to hand therapy, so I have been doing exercises. One of the exercises is explained on the left Art Journal page below.

The journal page to the right shows a stamp I made of an Scottish Highlander. The inspiration came from a lunch I had with my dear friend Karin in honour of her birthday.
Thanks for stopping by!

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