Art Journal The Wadden
Early June, together with our good friends Karin and Jos, we went to Texel. This is one of the West Frisian islands in the Dutch Wadden Sea. The Wadden are a very special area, protected by international law. An area in which people and nature need to live together. People respecting the area, that's what this page is about. "Samen genieten v.d. Wadden" means "Enjoying the Wadden together". By the way a "wad" is a mud-flat.
Inspiration for this page came from painter Hundertwasser. I love his use of colour and different media. I started as usual by drawing on copy paper. (See left picture below)

Then I drew the complete design in my Art Journal, using a masking fluid marker. When dry I painted in bold colours between the rubber lines. Some colours did not work at all. To solve this problem I cut out a few pieces (seal, trousers and leg) and replaced them. When all the painting was done, I removed the rubber lines. This results in white lines between all the colours.
Finally you see two close-up pictures below. I also cut out a few smaller pieces to add some "bling" underneath. I love a bit of sparkle!

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    On:October 4, 2014

    the shoe in the puddle is my fav!! lovely!

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