Art Journal stencil and stamps
Keeping an Art Journal is a great way to play. Among other things, you can register your daily life, but I also like to try new techniques from time to time. Trying new things is always a bit of a gamble. On the left side page I made a stencil out of parchment like paper. This was not a good idea. After using paint the stencil curled up and I had to throw it away. The page ended up like some kind of abstract art! It will have to grow on me!

On the right picture you see the stamp of the Scottish Highlander I have used quite a lot lately. I have been making monoprints for the upcoming Art Route. The monoprint in my Art Journal was a rejected one. Cutting the stamped animal and glueing it on the monoprint was too much of a burden for my hands. Photos below show some monoprints I intend to sell at the Art Route. In Dutch the Art Route is called "Kunstroute Heemskerkerduin" and is scheduled for 13th September 2015.

Making monoprints is fun to do. You never know what to expect. Every print is different. In real life these prints are more vibrant. Due to the plastic cover they are in, taking pictures was difficult.
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