Art Journal Sheep and Owl stamp
From time to time I like to carve my own stamps. I often use large erasers instead of the expensive Speedy Carve. Both large stamps are made out of Action erasers. For the little glasses stamp I used a leftover piece of Speedy Carve. Photos below show the other side of the big erasers and the stamps themselves.

The reason for this spread was visiting our friends Karin & Jos on the isle of Texel. Karin and I celebrated our 40 years of being best friends. We had lovely weather, good food and drinks and lots of laughter. I feel blessed to have them as friends.
Texel is the isle of sheep, so that explains the first stamp. We visited a bird show and a little barn owl flew to me and landed on my (protected) arm. So cool! Now I am under the spell of barn owls. Next thing I want to make is a large collage painting of a barn owl.

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