Art Journal Open Eye
I have taken a long summer holiday break. Not so much from making art but from blogging. I have a couple of pages to show you. I'll do that in different posts.
I made this first Art Journal page when it was very warm in The Netherlands. My art studio is the hottest place to be, both literally and figuratively! The technique I used, was letting different layers of paint dry on the Gelli Plate. I used a sheet of adhesive plastic to pull the print.
For this Art Journal page I carved a stamp. It is called the "Open Eye" stamp. I also made a separate stamp for the background colour (which I didn't use in this case). See pictures below.

I then cut the lower stamp completely out of the gelli print. From the upper print I only cut out the eye. I used this eye on the adjacent page. It made the lady look a bit awkward, but I like that.

It was a fun project!
Thanks for stopping by!

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