Art Journal Let it snow!
Better late than never, but a happy new year to everyone! I made this Art Journal page mid December but never got the time to post it. It was really fun to make it. It all started with an app on my iPad. It is called "Eraser Stamp" and transforms ordinay photos into black and white images you can use to make a stamp. Or in this case a stencel.
I used the iPad camera to take a picture of the advertisement (left photo). On the right you see the result after altering it in "Eraser Stamp".

I cut two stencils. One for the girl and a seperate one for the snow.

I used both a woodburner and a X-acto knife, which was a bit of a challenge. I ended up with a burning hole in my cutting mat and plastic pieces on my glass mat!
Finally I like to show you both Art Journal pages I made. A black one and a colourful one. The colourful one is printed on a shaving cream background, which gives the face strange expressions!

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    On:January 16, 2015

    Love how you did that and the results too. Beautiful.

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