Art Journal Invitation
Past week I have been busy making invitations. I started printing the background with my Gelli Plate. I used a "glue" stamp and two colours of paint. For the word "Uitnodiging" (= invitation) and the portrait I used eraser stamps (see below). I really think it is so much fun to make your own stamps...

The invitation is for a celebration of my birthday. In December I'll turn 50! If you look closely at the stamp you'll see lots of question marks and 50 in the eyes. I am puzzled. I mean suddenly this number is there! A large part of my life is over and what do I want with the rest of it??????
OK. This is an art blog, so let's keep it light! I made two sample invitation cards in my art journal. The one on the right is the one I chose.

The celebration party is going to be a paint workshop at Anita Johansen Studio. Together we came up with a very nice programme. I will tell you about that later, because I am in the middle of many try-out's. Finally a picture of all invitations together.

Thanks for stopping by!


    Erika N

    On:November 2, 2013

    Love the face stamp you made. SOOO clever to put the 50 right into the face.I hope the people who get these gems appreciate them.

    Nancy B

    On:November 2, 2013

    I love your cards and your handmade stamps and Happy 50th Birthday! Life is always an adventure!

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