Art Journal Important Words
In this post I like to show you my second stamp. I imported a picture from Google into the "Eraser Stamp"-app on my iPad. Made a print and started carving. I don't know why but I think carving a stamp is therapeutic. I also like the excitement of trying a new stamp for the first time.
The text "belangrijke woorden" is in Dutch and means "important words". I printed both words and stamp on an envelop and cut a big piece off. The envelop is now open and I have put some sort of "billboard" in it. If you take it out it looks like the photo on the right.

They're all Dutch words that are important to me: nature, freedom, creativity, living in peace. I also created writing space between the leaves at the bottom of the "billboard". A perfect place for explaining your words.
I made a complete set for this Art Journal page: a stamp,

a stencil and mask.

Thanks for stopping by!
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    Lynn Richards

    On:February 6, 2015

    Great page-I like how you have shown how you used your materials!

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