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I often get inspired by magazines. This time it was the cover of Panda. This magazine of the Dutch World Wide Fund for Nature has great pictures in it. (I believe in America they call it World Wildlife Fund.)  For the right side of this spread I started making stencils for the Gelli Plate. Left photo below shows them drying.

I love to make my own material or buy kitchen gadgets for a different purpose. The stamp "Celebrate Life" is actually a Cookie Stamper! (Right picture above) I can also use the bought stamp "Home Made", but in this case I decided to make my own. First I had to find out if the EZ mount material (used for mounting rubber stamps) would cling to each other. It did! So I used the adhesive side on the wooden stamp and also on the back of the round speedy carve stamp. (I hope this explanation makes sense!) I stamped on a piece of vellum so the background would shine through. (Left picture below)

Left page of this spread (to keep it simple: right picture above) was for journaling. Talking about how I love spring and new life. Out in the garden I have sown meadow seeds. Every day I look at this special border and love every single seed that comes up. The first buds begin to appear and I cannot wait to see the flowers.
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