Art Journal Foil Fairy Tale
I've put black gesso on various pages in my art journals. I am not always certain what to do with them, but in this case it was very clear to me. A while ago I made a few  tin foil embellishments. The first one I made was a bird, you can find the page  here. Tin foil embellishments are very shiny, so they really stand out on a black page.
A sheep, tree and moon call for a landscape! After puting everything together I thought it looked like a fairy tale, so that's the reason for the title.
Here are a few close-ups:

I hope you enjoyed the page. The reason I am not posting as often as I would like is a time issue. I like many things! E.g. making floral arrangements. See below.

And the coolest thing is, both arrangements are made using materials from our own garden!
Thanks for stopping by!

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