Art Journal Envelop Say it out loud!
I love making my own rubber stamps. I got inspired by "Carve December" on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog (see here). For me it was not possible to carve a stamp a day, but I really enjoyed looking on Instagram (see here ) at all the nice stamps other people made.
I did manage to make a few stamps. For this first stamp I used the "Eraser Stamp"-app again. This app gives really good stamp designs. I used the stamp "Say it out loud!" on an envelop so I can store all important words and texts in it. You can see two holes on the left side. That's because I am also working in a loose leaf journal at the moment. I am a fan of loose leaf journals now. It is so much easier for e.g. gelli printing.

I also made a matching stencil and mask. I have not used this set yet, but in my next post I will show you another set which I did use for gelli printing.

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