Art Journal Disco Dance
A while ago I made an Art Journal page called "Dance" (see here). In this post I showed a picture of another "Dance"-page in progress (left picture below). Next to it is a photo of the almost finished page, taken with my iPad. Luckily I have this photo, before "disaster" struck!  

I was happy with all "disco"-themed pages. I often take pictures with my iPad to show my mother what I am up to. Pictures below are again iPad pictures taken before "disaster".

Then I decided to make the white page (the girl's back) black by using the Gelli Plate. When I pulled the print half the page got stuck to the Plate, including her left arm..... I tried glueing the halves together, but the page was not strong enough to turn it. So I glued it directly on to the next "disco ball" page.

Sometimes there are cracks in the wall, which CAN happen, so this is ok. But there is also a crack in her boot. I am not so sure about that one, but she'll have to live with it and so do I.....
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