Art Journal Citrasolv Rocks
The title of this Art Journal page "Citrasolv Rocks" can be read in two ways. There are literally rocks on this page. On the other hand the product Citrasolv rocks too. It created the most wonderful effects on several National Geographic pages. Below is a close-up picture of the man.

I think the text "When life throws rocks at you, pick them up and make them into stepping stones" is appropriate. The stepping stones, by the way, are cut outs from an old poster.
I finish this post with another CitraSolv image so you can see the amazing colours you can get. I didn't change a thing!

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    On:December 9, 2014

    Love the journal entry (such cool "texture") and that citrasolv image too. I had forgotten about this technique and may need to resurect it this winter. Thanks for the inspiration!

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