Art Journal Be Open
This journal spread is a rather personal one. Many people started 2014 with a special word. In my case I have two words: be open. No, actually it is more a sentence: willing to be open!
On my 50th birthday I realized that I'd become some sort of an island. I did not allow "boats" to come to me and I was not "sailing" to other people either. I am an introvert person and highly sensitive. This makes it difficult to communicate with others, especially in crowded places. It took me a while to realize that I was no longer willing to try to be open. This became a turning point. I know that I will not always succeed in being open, but at least I am willing to try again.
For this spread I used a handmade stencil based on the painting "Indian Woman" that I did in 2009. It is not really a painting (only the background). It is a sort of mosaic of birch bark pieces. The hair is made of pine needles and the eyes are two stones. It is mainly made of materials I collected during our stay in America. That's why this mixed media painting is so special to me.

Thanks for stopping by!


    Nancy B

    On:February 7, 2014

    I love the Indian woman painting and you did a great job with that handmade stencil! Beautiful art in your journal too.


    On:February 8, 2014

    Wow, how amazing to have the elements of your journey IN the artwork. I understand about the isolation, too. I'm working on something similar through my own art journaling.

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