Art Journal Autumn Joy
This week we have a lot of wind and rain, so autumn has finally arrived! Autumn also means beautiful colours. This journal spread celebrates the vibrant autumn colours.
I started both pages with black gesso. On a separate piece of watercolour paper I drew the leaves, letters, pumpkin and the watering can. I used a liquid masking fluid marker, so after removing the masking fluid there would be white lines.

The text on the right page is in Dutch. It is a little poem about autumn. Autumn to me is finding the first chestnuts in the grass, sitting in the bay window by candle light sipping a good glass, seeing our chickens go to bed earlier and seeing them up and about later in the morning. Autumn is cleaning the car windows and before you know it de-icing them!
The last picture I took is a close-up of the flower brads. I have drawers full of embellishments, tape, stickers etc. and I was very happy to find an application for some of them. I should do this more often!

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