Art Journal Altered Pages
For this journal page I used Citra Solv and Brasso papers. Earlier I had no success with Dutch National Geograpphics. (see this post) My daughter Maaike brought back two National Geographics from her holiday trip to the United States. I was thrilled to see that this time the magazines and Citra Solv did react.  Within a short period of time my studio looked like this. Papers on top of my cabinet and all over the floor!

The original plan was to use the Citra Solv papers as background papers for my Christmas painting, but I decided they were too dark and didn't match. So what to do next with all these papers?
Some of the Citra Solv (= a cleaner) papers had beautiful features on them. For example the large moon on this journal page was originally a plate of food. I started creating a landscape. The lady was a magazine photo I altered using Brasso (= copper polish). Pictures below were taken with my Ipad. You can see it started out as a journal page. Then I liked it so much I cut it out of my journal and framed it. (See both pictures below)

I finished the page by adding "follow your own path". I strongly believe everybody should do what they love to do. Maybe this is not always possible as a career, but having it as a hobby can also be very satisfying.
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