Arc System Art Journal
As promised this post is about another way to use my gelli prints and other papers. In this post I talked about making a template to use your gelli prints behind. Now I'd like to talk about the Arc System by Staples.
I came across this idea here. Gelli Arts made a really nice post about using your gelli prints in a planner system (= Arc System). I was looking for a journal to write my website notes in. These notes are about ideas for new techniques, new art supplies or new recipes. I bought an Arc journal, discs and the special punch. This Arc System proved to be ideal!
The first page looks like this:

The nice thing about this Arc System is that you can insert pages later. First I wrote down notes about e.g. a new art supply and after I bought it and experimented I could insert those pages.

Above notes are about using fabric paint on the Gelli Plate. Picture on the right shows the framed end result. Picture below is a close-up of the framed page.

Above picture on the right shows how the special Arc punch looks like. I must say I am a fan.
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