My name is Anja Wisker-Lensen, born (1963) and raised in a little Dutch town called Heemskerk. I live together with my husband Frank near a beautiful nature reserve area. Our son Robin moved to his apartment late December 2012. Our daughter Maaike moved to an apartment in Amsterdam in 2013.
In my childhood, when the sun would shine, I always played in the forest and dunes: picking blackberries and collecting leaves and acorns. This is where my fascination with nature began. Sometimes this fascination was dangerous because flowers in the verge were distracting and before I knew it, me and my bike fell over.... Result: a couple of broken arms! Even today driving my car I have to focus on the road, because the verge is very bumpy territory. I can tell you.
Of course the sun wasn’t always shining, so as a child I spent many hours at the kitchen table, drawing, colouring and doing other arty stuff.
After getting married, having children and several jobs it wasn’t until 2004 I had time to do something creative. I attended a workshop at my local community center and found out that you can put so much more on a canvas than just paint. Rope, sand, pieces of paper etc. You name it!  The list is endless, what a revelation!
This revelation lead to the desire to paint more often and I found a nice lady called Anita Johansen who offers painting classes. Together with the other members we decided on a theme. This could be a painter (Hundertwasser, Modigliani) or a certain time in art history (e.g. cubism). This way I found out about my preferences (for instance I am not so keen on still life). It was fun to do but as a result of some physical issues I had to quit the classes.
However, this has not stopped me from being creative. Today I make my own planning; on days that I am in pain I just do nothing. But art is where my heart lies, so in practice there is always too few hours in a day. Besides painting and later scrapbooking, I have added something new to my “creative list”. In December 2011 my mother gave me a magazine for my birthday. In it was an article about “Art Journaling”. I have kept a diary ever since I was 10 years old, but this Art Journaling proved to be a new dimension! What I like about it, is that there are no rules and it is fun to test new techniques! For me the challenge is to find a good composition in which pictures work well with painting.
The posts on my Blog will be a combination of both old and new work.  When I started this blog in August 2012 this was the case, but now most of the time I work in several Art Journals.  So in my Portfolio the category Art Journal is pretty filled, but there is only 1 item in the Scrapbook category. I plan to change that, but time won't give me time...
I hope you will enjoy checking out my art!
Happy creating!

Self portrait

P.S.: de reden dat mijn website in het Engels is, is vanwege het feit dat ik regelmatig link naar Engelstalige websites. Nederlands is jammer genoeg geen wereldtaal en het is leuker als de meeste mensen de blogverhaaltjes kunnen lezen!